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The Drawing Lab

Curatorial concept and programming for The Drawing Lab, a participatory artist-led space for RWA, 2013 and 2015. 


The Drawing Lab was an interactive artist-led studio space, developed as part of Drawn (an open drawing exhibition) and designed to encourage audience participation and interaction. The space was open throughout the exhibition and provided drawing materials, games and activities. Programming of the space included artists in residence, in addition to regular artist-led interventions and workshops aimed at a variety of audiences, from families to practicing artists. Artists in residence included Debbie Lock and Karen Wallis in 2013 and Aisling Hedgecock and Laurie Lax in 2015 (2015 residencies programmed by Joel Edwards).

Images: Debbie Locke,  Aisling Hedgecock and Laurie Lax 

in The Drawing Lab. Photos © Gemma Brace.

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